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Wed, Jul. 22nd, 2009, 09:37 pm
darkslander: Hello Paleophiles.

Hello there fellow Paleontology enthusiasts,

My name is Nicholas and I reside on Cape Breton Island, Nova 
Scotia. I've been interested in Fossils and Paleontology related fields for many years but only recently have begun to collect and become more physical in my interests.

My collection is primarily made up of Upper Carboniferous flora, from my Island but I also have collected Devonian fossils from Kentucky and Indiana. Although I have no outstanding finds finds yet but I have been lucky in finding some excellent 
Calamites from my area.

I do also occasionally buy or trade fossils from trusted dealers and worldwide fossil friends, this collection is mostly made up of vertebrate fossils which due to my usual areas of hunting tend to not have this type.

Not to sound like a ad peddler but I am also an Administrator of a Fossil Forum, we have a lot of great information there and if anyone is interested in taking a look please feel free to pm me.

I look forward to reading what the other members of this community add and if anyone posts blogs on this subject matter regularly I would definitely like to read them if you would allow.